Environmental Statement

The vast proportion of our materials are made of a recyclable material that can be regrown: wood. We procure it in accordance with the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council® and from regional providers. This keeps transport distances and energy consumption to a minimum. State-of-the-art cutting systems ensure optimal utilisation of materials at minimal waste. The remaining waste wood is recycled 100% or is transformed into energy in our own heating plants.

Mailversion-ENG.inddOur goal, through a growing number of effective measures, is to make consistent and exemplary use of the latest ecological findings in every area of the company and to get confirmation of these measures and their results from a neutral party. But that also means testing the testers! After all, not all environmental certificates are as serious, transparent, and meaningful as those that have been awarded to the company SieMatic and its products.

True to our corporate motto, “Preferably the best“, we also strive to do our best for our environment. That is why SieMatic‘s contributions to the environment go far beyond the industry standard. At SieMatic there is a fully integrated quality and environmental management system on the basis of the internationally applicable DIN standards EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001. For the products of our suppliers, we give preference to those that are produced within the jurisdiction of Europe and are thus subject to the highest legal standards and requirements. We consciously do more than is required by law in limiting the use of harmful substances