SieMatic S2

In 1960, SieMatic presents the first handle-free kitchen to the world. Since then they have constantly reinvented the design. The handle-free SieMatic S2 is again a sign of perfection of design, workmanship and function. In a time when many things are alike, it offers purist kitchen design something of special value: character and personality. These characteristics come from the many high-quality and comfortable features that were developed exclusively for the SieMatic S2.

Kitchens in lofts and urban apartments can be small – sometimes under 10 square meters. SieMatic SmartDesign offers more ideas per square metre.

Newly developed elements with a cubist theme expand the options of your design while keeping within your budget. The L-shape configuration of slender tall and wall cabinets creates a succinct appearance yet offers ample practical storage space.

The ventilation hood can be encased with finished panels for an added elegance. The solitary arrangement of the elements and the combination of different finishes and tones relax the design and are pleasantly unconventional. The new tone-on-tone concept which in this S2 is a combination of Havana Brown fronts with wood décor in Caramel Maple.